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Weather in Germany


    What is Wind?

    Perhaps one of the most noticeable aspects of the weather is the wind. It can be a welcome breeze or a hazardous gale, and changes can occur rapidly.  So, what causes the wind?

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    Raindrops don’t actually look like the clip art images you might see on your shower curtain.

    Raindrops, Tears, and The Real Shape of Rain

    Pollen: Great for bees, a nightmare for your sinuses.

    Allergy Season

    In this satellite image of the Atlanta, Georgia, USA, the darker colors represent warmer temperatures. It is easy to see how the urban areas are retaining heat.

    Heat Islands: Why cities get so damn hot in the summer

    This gentleman is either having a very bad day, or suffers from weather-related migraines. Maybe both.

    “Can the Weather Cause Headaches?”